Napping doesn't have to suck.

The Window Cloud Pillow is the new answer to a very old issue - trying to sleep with your head against a window. With its patented utility and simple design, the pillow allows travelers to comfortably and safely rest their head on the go. The memory foam pillow eliminates the vibrations of the glass, the danger of bumps, and frustration of not being able to catch up on sleep. Simply take the pillow out of its travel bag, watch it unfold itself, and then stick it to the window for a comfortable and convenient rest!

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Featured Designs:

We believe your pillow should represent yourself. That is why we are bringing the Window Cloud Pillow to you in multiple designs that appeal to different styles and interests. There is a pillow for everyone, so take your pick!

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Three of the many reasons why you will love the Window Cloud Pillow

  • Justin Gonzalez
    "The window cloud is exactly what I've needed for the past 12 years of my life! I travel the US for cheerleading and It would have changed the entire experience for me. I find it very comfortable and the perfect size. I'll definitely be taking it with me on every trip I go on for now on."
    Justin Gonzalez